Screenshot of the cover of the report entitled Leaving the Bedside: Findings from the Pittsburgh Hospital Workers Survey. The title is written on a yellow banner with the Pittsburgh Hospital Workers Survey logo at the bottom. The writing is overlaid over a black and white picture of a man walking away from the camera down a hospital hallway with an IV drip in the forefront of the photo.

Read our new report, Leaving the Bedside: Findings from the Pittsburgh Hospital Workers Survey!

On April 25th, 2022, we announced the results of the largest survey of Pittsburgh hospital workers ever conducted. We conducted the survey to help provide Mayor Ed Gainey and the public with a better understanding of the myriad challenges driving hospital workers away from city hospitals. The survey was developed in a partnership between Pittsburgh Wage Study researchers from both the University of Pittsburgh and Wayne State University along with a large Hospital Worker Steering Committee representing nurses and service workers from all city hospitals. The resulting survey investigated how a wide range of working conditions are influencing hospital workers’ decisions about their jobs and their overall well-being. Over 2,000 Pittsburghers who worked in hospitals in the last year participated in the survey. We look forward to continuing to work with hospital workers, policymakers, and other stakeholders to disseminate the results of this research and contribute to improved labor conditions for city hospital workers. 

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